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Shavette (Straight Razor) Razor Black



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This premium Shavette professional razor from BEST BEARDCARE is of top quality with a sturdy vintage wooden handle. Due to the natural grain patterns of the wood, each of the shavettes has a beautiful and unique pattern. The shavette has an elegant, streamlined design with a modern look. The blade is made of black-coated robust stainless steel. The razor’s ’two-pin’ design makes it easy to change the single-edge razor blades and keeps them perfectly in place, resulting in a close and comfortable shaving experience.A shavette or replaceable razor is a relative of the traditional cut-throat straight razor, but with the advantage of easily interchangeable blades. This razor uses half of a traditional double edge blade so that one blade can be used for 2 customers. Thanks to the interchangeable single-edge blades, you always have a sharp razor at hand and you never have to compromise on quality. The blade system also offers a durable and more pleasant alternative to disposable blades. Thanks to the universal blade holder, you have the freedom to choose the razor blades that best suit your hair growth and skin type. This means you’ll get a perfect shave every time. Professional barber knife Smoother shave (No more ingrown hairs) A durable solution for shaving Reduces risk of razor burns and razor bumps (skin irritation such as razor burn) A beautiful timeless design 100% rare Ebony Suitable for all hair types, Ideal for beard, neck hair, and contouring Two pin design Easily replaceable blades Shaves longer hair with ease Fits comfortably in the hand Premium wooden handle Dimensions: Folded dimensions: 14.7 x 1.4 x 2.6 cm Unfolded dimensions: 22.3 x 1.4 x 2.6 cm Net Weight: 49 grams Material: stainless steel and ebony Your browser does not support our video.

Specificaties: Shavette (Straight Razor) Razor Black

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